About Me


Crizltron (Aka- Crystal Wilson, I go by Crizl) is a concept and animation artist, based right outside Chicago, Illinois.  I have a background in video game concept art, toy design, and character design.  I've worked with video game properties from Warner Bros and Disney.  Also toy design for Disney.

I have a BFA in Media Arts and Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art. 


My work is heavily influenced by street graffiti art and old school heavy metal album covers.  I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York, later living in Chicago.  Big bold lines and wild color are a primary element in most of my work.  My background is a mix of various Native American tribes, Southern Asian, and there's a bit of Irish and Nordic. (Odin is with me? lol!) 

 I'm a big fan of mecha of all sorts, zombie movies, industrial  and heavy metal, monsters, animals, anime and pizza.  Always on the hunt for an awesome coffee or whiskey cocktails. 

Collab ?

I'm currently booked indefinitely.  However, if you would like to contact me, reach out using my contact form!

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